We Interviewed the Owner of Rosewood Cosmetics (Upated Pictures)

Every time I see a post from Rosewood Cosmetics, owned by Faith Butler, on our feed, it never ceases to stop my scrolling. Her glosses always look so juicy and luxurious, and they come in a whole slew of different shades! Plus, I know y’all really enjoy these glosses – every time we post Rosewood on our feed, there are a whole ton of positive reviews in the comments. So, I was so excited when Faith agreed to do this interview with us!

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IM: What led you to opening Rosewood Cosmetics, and how did you settle on your name?

Faith: In the year of 2017, I had just started getting into makeup and such. I watched a lot of DIY beauty videos and just so happen to come across some information to make lip gloss. So after receiving my materials, I created 10 different glosses. I really enjoy making my own things in general, and so I liked the gloss so much I decided to start my business.

As far as settling on the name, it just honestly popped into my head. I looked online to see if various names I thought of were already taken. Rosewood Cosmetics was not, so that’s what I decided on.

Some of Rosewood’s glosses!

IM: Your glosses are absolutely stunning. How do you decide on which color to create next – you have such a wide range!

Faith: I don’t necessarily look for inspiration when I want to create a new gloss. Even though sometimes I do see shades from another company that makes me go, “Ooooo I have to make a shade like that.” With the many powder pigments I have, I’m always thinking of crazy combinations I haven’t tried. I hope that makes sense. Or sometimes, out of the blue, a shade pops into my head, and I automatically know which powder pigments I should use to get that shade.

IM: You also make beautiful collections based on the season. How do you decide which shades of gloss to put into a collection?

Faith: So, I just recently split up the glosses based on season because there are now 50+ glosses in the entire collection. I wanted the work to be a little less overwhelming for me, so 30+ glosses each season would not be bad to produce. I picked which ones suited either the spring & summer seasons and the fall & winter seasons. Originally, I never made glosses based on season so this is something new. I either add another type of pink or blue or orange shade in those color ranges or I just think of a shade I haven’t created yet. That’s how I build on each collection. I ask my customers every now and then about what shades they would like to see.

Faith’s workspace for Rosewood!

IM: Have you ever had any difficulties with translating a certain color into gloss? How did you work around it?

Faith: I have had difficulties before, and when I finish mixing the pigments together and see what the shade becomes, if it’s not how I wanted it I just throw it away. I don’t fret on it. I just keep it moving and create another shade. That’s how I keep my ideas fresh, I guess.

IM: Can you talk about how you name your glosses? They are all such lovely names! Are they named after people in your life?

Faith: I don’t know why I began naming my shades after women but it just stuck. I honestly name the shades based on the vibe they give. I can go down a list of female names and instantly know which suits which shade. So I do take my time in naming the shades even if I have to take a few days to name new shades I created. I don’t just slap any name on them. Both the shade and name have to feel right. The vibe has to feel right. I named the deep plum shade “Jackie” after the real Jackie Aina. I’m a fan of hers.

IM: What is your actual gloss creation process like? For example, where do you keep your recipes, what steps you take, etc.

Faith: When creating gloss I pick out which pigments I've decided on, add them to the base and mix, and if I like the combination I write the measurements and names of the colorants down in my journal. I usually make the gloss in paper cups so I write a number on the cup and also with its formula. I keep my recipes in a document and I’ve printed them out for when I need to stock gloss. Some recipes I know by heart and some I don’t.

The Rosewood highlight collection.

IM: What products would you like to bring to Rosewood in the future? You have/have had eyeshadows and highlighters in the past – are these products you plan on bringing back or do you want to exclusively focus on lip products?

Faith: I have a few ideas in mind, but I will not speak on them just yet. I love to asking my customers what they’d like, and I pick up on some of their suggestions.

IM: What product are you most proud of creating for Rosewood? What is your favorite shade of gloss and your daily go-to shade?

Faith: I’m mostly proud of the wide selection of gloss I’ve created. It’s definitely evolved and will continue to evolve. I don’t know how I’m gonna do it but I want to work on making my gloss formula even better. The gloss collection is what my brand is built on so I’m definitely proud of that. Honestly, my Rose Dust Highlighter collection has been a hit. From hearing feedback my customers they love the formula. I mixed and created all the shades myself except Heiress (the white gold pigment). So I’m pretty proud the collection is loved. Stay tuned for some new shades on the way.

I love nude shades or deep red shades of gloss. I guess I would say clear gloss on the daily. Since we have to wear masks when going out I don’t even really bother to put anything on.

More of Faith’s workstation – it’s so cool to see the behind the scenes!

IM: Where do you see Rosewood going in the future? What are some goals you have for Rosewood?

I honestly don’t know what the future holds for Rosewood. I’m still working on the present and just getting my brand out there, but I am not sure of where I would want to take Rosewood. Which I definitely have to think more about. My goal for Rosewood, if it gets that far, is to be able to find a small space for inventory and what not. I want to be able to move out of the basement into my own space for my business things. Another goal would be to see my gloss used by celebrity makeup artists. Once that happens I would definitely feel like I’ve made it somehow. That type of exposure can change your life. One other goal would be to have my logo printed onto my packaging professionally. It’s an expensive process that I dream of all the time, for the sake of not having to buy labels to put on them.

Thank you so much to Faith for letting us interview her! We hope you enjoyed reading more about her, her process, and her inspiration. Let us know if you would like us to interview someone in particular next in the comments!